Katniss Everdeen is the epitome of Marxism in Panem. In a capitalist society, it is the rich versus the poor in a constant struggle for the poor (proletariat) getting poorer and a constant gain for the rich (owning class) getting richer as observed by Marx during the industrial revolution. In Panem, this relationship between the Capitol and the Districts is a clear example of what Marx is fighting against as an appropriate form of society. This is where Katniss comes into the mix as the Marxist vessel to change the course of society in Panem.


Marxism focuses on the working class to level the playing field against the tyrannical government in place keeping them contained like slaves. The Peacekeepers represent this literally in Panem. The way this equality can be achieved according to Marx is through a violent and bloodshed revolution. Katniss represents the Marxist ideal that influences all those oppressed by the Capitol to unite and revolt against the rich who have committed human crimes against them, taking advantage of their labor and choosing not to share the wealth.

The rich are those who reside in the Capitol separated from the Districts and living extravagantly surrounded by wealth and technology. The population size is small to that of the lower class. In the film adaptation, Katniss and Peeta enter the Capitol after the beginning of film took place out in District 12. The contrast is enormous. District 12 was dirty, sad, and underdeveloped, but the Capitol is enormous, clean, and teeming with technology and advances. The lower class being the Districts who do all the heavy lifting for those in the Capitol. These things include mining, agriculture, etc. The Capitol takes a majority of the resources out of the Districts for the Capitol leaving the Districts to fend for themselves in a cruel and seemingly neverending cycle.


This is until Katniss Everdeen begins to question the Capitol during and after her experiences in the Hunger Games. These games represented the state of their society; Members of the districts fighting each other for the entertainment of the higher class Capitol, but Katniss is the first to threaten the validity of these games when she and Petta plan to both poison themselves at the end of the game so there is no winner. When they both decide to do this the Capitol realizes that if they have no winner the games will stand for nothing, showing that the Capitol is not as in control as many think, causing the Districts to fall into chaos. This is the beginning of what is to come for the Capitol. Katniss refuses to follow the will of the Capitol sparking the idea of Marxism in the minds of all those who are in the position of the proletariat. Katniss realizes that to improve the lives of those around her she must work towards a revolution to overthrow the Capitol which fits with the ideals of Marxism. One must take down the rich and distribute its wealth to everyone evenly.

“Fire is catching and if we burn you burn with us” -Katniss Everdeen


Katniss is a Marxist heroine that fights for the poor who have been taken advantage of by the rich. She was once part of those who were stuck in the lower class, but as she learned about the truth behind the government of Panem she rose above for her people who followed her to take down the oppressors running the cruel capitalist dictatorship. She made sacrifices for her people to change the course of a collective society that had been oppressing them for too long. Katniss represents the questioning of authority which is so important in any society. As a society, the people should still stand their ground with the government, keeping it in check. The people should not stand by while they live in a world run in a way that is unjust. Katniss embodies this strength and perseverance to fight, sacrifice and win against a corrupt government.

“May the odds be ever in your favor”


 -Simeon Pol