Martha Jones is a 22 year old medical student working at a hospital when it is suddenly transported to the moon. Through both skill and luck Martha helps save the inhabitants of the hospital alongside The Doctor, the main character of a classic science-fiction television show produced by the BBC since 1963, “Doctor Who”.  The series goes along with The Doctor, the last of the time lord aliens, in his time traveling spaceship on his many wacky adventures with various companions. Originally the show ran from 1963 to 1989, and was not successfully brought back until 2005 to what some fans call New Who to differentiate it from the Classic Who. Martha meets the doctor in the new who starting off the 2007 season the third series, and the second companion thus far.

The doctor invites Martha to be his new companion on his journeys shortly after she returns home. Excited she agrees similarly to the start of many companions do when introduced to the doctor and TARDIS (his spaceship), when she quickly becomes attached in a romantic way, but with very little to no reciprocation she starts to resemble a kicked puppy. This is where many people find fault with Martha as a character, and where I agree that her pouty and jealous moments aren’t her most flattering, I find it is her development that shows her true character and heroinism.


Martha:  You’re taking me to the same planets that you took her?!

She waivers in confidence from the beginning, comparing herself to not only the doctor, and Rose, but her family members and her expectations. Her confidence grows though after time and time again she proves her own self worth through helping others and you know, saving the world. By  her last episode she has made up her mind, about who she is and who she wants to be. Both of which aren’t dependent on a man like her previous adventures have. She decided to leave the doctor to be her own person to finally take care of people which she intended. She does exactly the opposite of Rose, to who she is constantly compared. She leaves on her own volition. Rose is left crying on a beach because she is in a parallel universe and cannot return (I’m not lying I can’t make this stuff up),



It is not an easy decision for her, and even compares the situation to one with her friend Vicky, who lived with a guy in student housing that she loved, spending all her time talking about, where he “never looked at her twice”.She tells The Doctor this story and how she used to tell her friend to “get out” because she watched Vicky waste years of her life waiting for him. After this explanation she takes her own advice and gets out, which shows her independence that really exemplifies her feminist message to young adults like her in our world. She is a strong woman who beats the obstacles of being both black and a woman, becoming a doctor, saving the world, and ultimately saving herself.