168918-Syrio-Forel-Jaqen-Hghar-meme-t-lycwI’ll first start to advise that the following may result in spoilers for the Game of Thrones series. Getting down into the topic, there are several points in the Game of Thrones series that can be prime examples of Karl Marx’s theory of Ideology. For those that may not know what Ideology is, it is the imaginary relationships of individuals to the real conditions of relationships. My main focus will be on Arya Stark and her relationship with the House of the Black and White. The first scene when Arya is introduced to the House of the Black and White is the start of her trying to lose her identity and see the world for what it really is. This scene is when she must part with her possessions that bind her to the false reality that blinds her from the true reality. Her sword is the last remembrance of her family as most of them are long gone. Even more so because it is the last remembrance of her brother Rob. However, she still tries holding on to scraps of her old world by hiding the sword under a pile or rocks and promises that she will one day return. Her sword at this point has been used in the murder of several people, some in self defense, others for the sake of revenge (all except for the Hound which we can assume died from the fight with Brienne). Even trying to remove herself from the Old Gods is not easy because it is been something that her family has practiced for generations. Though, it does become easier to lose that side of her once her Ned Stark dies, Rob and Catelyn Stark (who comes back in the books as Lady Stoneheart) are murdered at the red wedding, Bran is potentially murdered by Theon, and Sansa goes missing after the events of the purple wedding. The Many Faced God itself is the culmination of all the beings and other Gods. It is the reality that surrounds them and reveals the lies the shroud them from the truth.

unname-meOnce inside the House of the Black and White she wants to play the game of faces. This fame is to help the members discern the lies that are spread around them and easily see the truth in everything that is around them. However, Arya is not able to keep going with the game because she can not let go of her family name. Her name is binding her to the lies that are spread around her and preventing her from becoming enlightened to the true realities around her. As we know, Arya’s name holds great importance to her because her name stems from some of the great wardens of the north. After, her fathers death, brothers death, sister that has gone missing, and Bran that has possibly been killed by Theon Greyjoy (not really). She could very well be the last person in her family to carry the Stark name. This would hold Arya to her families ideals and continue to blind her to the reality around her as she continues to live in her fantasy world. That fantasy world being driven by the revenge of those that have wronged her in some way (Meryn Trant being a big example).