“Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire.”

Literature was once attempted to be and was controlled by men, but feminists began to rise up for this inequality. In the modern age, literature had been doing well with gender equality but struggles like other mediums. Not as much as media. Due to the rise of multimedia platforms created by the internet and other sources, the feminist critique has been stronger than ever resolving inequality in the media.

Katniss is an example of a literary character that was transformed into multimedia that stands strong in the feminist critic on both ends of the media. Seeing the transition from literature to film without crushing the female validity in Katniss, which happens often, can attest to her character as the feminist criticism across many platforms.


Katniss Everdeen living as the head of her household with a mother who is mentally distraught, a young sister, and no father in District 12 stricken with poverty and struggle on multiple levels. When it comes time for the Reaping, Katniss’s sister is picked. Overwhelmed with a need to protect her sister Katniss heroically volunteers herself instead. Now marked as the girl who has volunteered for this deadly game she stands out as stronger.

The Capitol is run primarily by men at the wheel. They are responsible for the chaos that is the society of Panem. They are responsible for the inequality. As Katniss enters the Capitol she is seen as a different individual that does not obey by the ideals of what the Capitol deems necessary for women to present in their society. In particular, I focus on the scene where Katniss is being cleaned and waxed on the table before she goes out in public. The Capitol makes sure that Katniss is going to fit the part of the woman in their eyes without giving her a choice. Later on, she counters with a fabulous display of her outfit on fire in the display ceremony and later on with her dress catching on fire during the talk show. She makes it clear that she will not stay contained by the Capitol from the beginning, even in her wardrobe. There will always be a part of her that remains true.


Not only will she not conform to the Capitols ideas for women, but when Peta begins to form to their ideal version of him and begins to push Katniss to do the same even if it was just to get more from sponsors she loses it on him. She pins him against a wall threatening him. She has to be pulled off of him. She feels betrayed and taken advantage of because she is going to be her true self no matter what which means not conforming to television personality the Capitol so badly wants to see. This being Katniss and Peta as a couple.


This example can translate to today and the state of media in movies and in TV. Women are being depicted almost less because of the way they are being shown on the screen. As objects, specifically sexual objects formed by the people watching because it is what they want to see, instead of staying true to themselves like Katniss in the overwhelming social pressure coming from the Capitol.

-Simeon Pol