Kimmy Schmidt has always been one to say what needs to be said. She doesn’t let other people’s opinions bother her and stays true to who she is. From a feminist criticism standpoint she has a lot to offer.

First of all, Kimmy cares a great deal about uplifting other women. In season one episode four there is a moment where she thinks she needs to get plastic surgery to feel good about herself; she even goes to the doctor to get it done. Once she comes to her senses she runs into the doctor’s waiting room to tell the other patients that changing their appearances won’t fix their real problems. Instead of saying that they are all beautiful and that they don’t need to change a thing, she says what everyone in the room needs to hear. Whether they pay attention to what she says or not is a whole different situation.


The reason Kimmy decides to get plastic surgery is to get rid of her scream lines that the Plastic surgeon says she has when she goes in with her boss who wants to get her feet worked on. She later realizes that those scream lines disappearing won’t get rid of her experiences in the bunker. It takes more than a makeover to change someone’s life. The show points out that plastic surgery hides problems, it doesn’t always solve them.


In episode eleven of the show Kimmy joins a cycling class with her boss Jacqueline. During the class the man in charge tells them not only how to cycle, but how to think as well. At the end of the episode Kimmy stands up to him and tells all of the other women in the class how wrong it all is. The man in charge of the class ends up being a disgustingly unhealthy man and a fraud. Kimmy spent fifteen years with the reverend who turned out to be a fraud and she doesn’t want other women to have to go through life listening to a man tell them lies.


Kimmy makes sure that the women in class realize that they don’t need some man in there life to make decisions for them. They can all make their own decisions. Replacing one man in charge for another doesn’t help them. They need to do what they want to do, not what they are told by a man to do. The main point of this scene was to show that women need to figure out who they want to be in life instead of letting others decide for them.


Kimmy Schmidt is someone who is not afraid to drop a truth bomb especially if it helps other women. From a feminist standpoint she is all about empowering women. Kimmy is a great YA heroine because of her ability to see the world from a different perspective than most. Instead of worrying about the little things in life she focuses on making things better. She is empowering women one room at a time.