Call to Adventure:

A distress signal is sent from moon LV-426 saying that the atmosphere of the moon which is picked up by the Nostromo. The crew goes to the moon to try to investigate the damaged ship. Upon arrival they find three survivors of the damaged ship.

Refusal of the Call:

               Ripley initially tells the rest of the crew aboard the Nostromo that they shouldn’t answer the call because of the lack of resources aboard her ship. Also, upon finding the survivors, she has reservations about sheltering them. The radio signal with Ash also gets cut off on the surface.

Supernatural Aid:

Ripley is attacked by Ash in the ship. Parker (a fellow crew member) knock’s Ash’s head off, thus revealing that Ash was an android. This could be the supernatural aid, as androids have the ability to have infinite knowledge. In this case, the android perfectly mimicked humanity, and in the first few scenes helped Ripley immensely.1-ash-alien

Crossing the First Threshold:

               A “chestburster” finds a hiding spot deep in the depths of the Nostromo. A chestburster is an alien that can “impregnate” enemies with an alien and when the alien is “born”, it bursts out of the chest of the victim.


Road of Trials:

               Ripley is viciously hunted by the Xenomorph. This is where she has her first one on one encounter with the alien. Mother also finalizes the self-destruct protocol and Ripley escapes the Nostromo before the self-destruct onto the damaged ship that they were salvaging.

Belly of the Whale:

               Ripley has to escape the Nostromo and take “refuge” in the damaged ship. This ship is infested with the different creatures of the galaxy.


               Ripley opens the garbage hatch on the ship which acts as a vacuum, sucking all of the immediate objects out of it. She then shoots the Xenomorph with a harpoon gun and hits the ship’s ignition to suck the Alien out into space. When the creature is sucked out, Ripley closes the hatch thus securing her safety.

Ultimate Boon:

               Ripley has defeated the alien and is able to sign off and enter hyper sleep, awaiting her ship to make it back to Gateway Station. She was in Hyper Sleep for a record 57-years.


Refusal to Return:

               Ripley is awakened and sees a photo of her adult daughter who is revealed to have died 2 years before she was awakened from her sleep. Officials also deny the existence of their ‘special order’ alien and the Xenomorph.

Magic Flight:

               Ripley’s magic flight is the way that she is able to make it back to the Gateway Station.

Master of Two Worlds:

               Ellen Ripley becomes the master of two worlds because she had bested the Alien in deep space, but is also admired and looked up to by all of the people who were on the Nostromo as well as the people at Gateway Station.

Freedom to Live:

               Ripley does not receive the freedom to live in the first movie. Her story is not completed and she still has some ends to tie up.

Overall, Ellen Ripley is a hero to me and follows the Hero’s Journey almost perfectly with the male heroes that the framework was constructed around. This is done masterfully as she never loses her femininity throughout the film all while never backing down from the fight when it comes to her.