Samus Aran became orphaned, at a young age, during a raid by the Space Pirates, on her home planet of K-2L. She was adopted by an ancient Chozo and taken to the planet of Zebes. Chozo are a highly advanced race of avian scientists, who infused their DNA with Samus, turning her into a warrior.

When Samus had finally reached adulthood, she joined the Federation Police but ended up leaving to become a Bounty Hunter and was recruited by the Galactic Federation. Through jobs offered by the Federation, Samus is answering The Call To Adventure as outlined by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Multiple times she goes on adventures, which follow the path of the Hero’s Journey.

An example of this would be Samus’s extermination of the Metroid species. While fighting the Metroid race on the planet SR388, many earthquakes occurred which helped Samus. SR388 experienced earthquakes regularly, which affected the levels of lava on the planet. With the efforts of Samus fighting, Queen Metroid could have caused the low levels of lava, in response to Samus. With even the example of this adventure of Samus, she exhibits the traits of hero by answering the call to adventure and fighting against the Metroid race.

Another framework that should be identified by Samus is her personality. Samus rarely says anything throughout her storylines and completes impossible missions without even saying a few words. Samus shows that actions speak louder than words. You can see this as an example in the video game Metroid, by Nintendo.

Samus is Nintendo’s version of a hero. People may say Mario takes that spot but i believe Samus is a better overall example about who a true hero really is. She answers the Call To Adventure and follows the path of a hero’s journey.