From the beginning of the movie it is very apparent have Lilo and Nani really don’t have a lot of money, they are just scraping by. There are a few times where we get to see their house and the interior. The kitchen I think is the best example of their financial state. The kitchen almost looks run down, there are dirty dishes in the sink and its very dimly lit. There is a curtain acting as a cabinet door, but it looks like its falling apart. There are kitchen drawers that are open and off the hinges, to make a long story short the kitchen is not your normal disney princess palace. Nani works as a waitress, at what looks to be a family restaurant. She is dressed like a hula dancer, and from the state of the house I would say that this really isn’t a high paying job, its probably just enough to keep food on the table and a roof over their head.

lilo and stitch kissing

Another scene from the movie that I think makes the finical state of nani and Lilo very apparent is when Lilo wants to play with some girls from her dance class. They are all riding their bikes and playing with dolls. Lilo goes up to them and takes out her homemade doll. This doesn’t go over well with the girls, because the doll is homemade and not the typical barbie doll, the girls ride off on their bikes leaving Lilo behind. That scene probably resonated with lots of kids whose parents can’t afford the latest toys, but Lilo becomes a pretty cool kid, and shows kids they don’t need the latest toys, just good true friends.

The social and economic status of Lilo and Stitch is very apperhent which is why I chose the marxist criticism. There is a clear divide in the movie between Lilo and the other girls in her dance class. “Marxism sees progress as coming through the struggle for power between different social classes.” (Barry 151) They were struggling at the beginning of the movie but by the end, Nani pulls it together and is able to support both herself, Lilo, as well as, Stitch. One of the most interesting points that Marx made was about what the words say about the writer when it comes to class. He says Marxist literary criticism says that the writers social class has a major impact on what is written about a member of that class. Did the writers grow up poor, or is this their underlying view of people in Lilo and Nani’s financial situation? Just some food for thought.