Call to Adventure:

The Avatar, Aang, shows up on the city in which Toph resides. Upon discovering she was “The Blind Bandit”, an extremely skilled earth bender, he requests that she train him. Training the avatar would mean leaving home and getting involved in a war that was none of Toph’s business.

Refusal of the Call:

             At first Toph refuses as she sees no reason to get involved in some war and didn’t see the Avatar as anyone special.


Supernatural Aid:

When it comes to supernatural aid I think Toph’s case is interesting because I feel that she could both receive supernatural aid as well as be supernatural aid herself. When Aang is traveling through a jungle he has visions of a young girl, a young girl that is supposed to help him in some way. Later Aang discovers that those visions were of Toph. In that sense you could argue that Toph in some way was Aangs supernatural aid for once they meet she ends up becoming his mentor and teaches him how to master earth bending. Aang could also be Toph’s supernatural aid as well though. He is the Avatar, the bridge between the human realm and the realm of spirits. Aang acts as a means of taking her away from a home and life that she didn’t want and provided her with a means of traveling the world as well as helping to save it.

Crossing the First Threshold:

             Toph crosses the threshold when she accepts Aangs request to be his mentor. By doing this she travels the world ,as mentioned before, allowing her to experience things she never could have before.


Road of Trials:

               Toph goes on long journeys with Aang and the rest of “Team Avatar” which can be long and tiresome. Whist making their way to the fire nation Toph is tasked with teaching Aang how to master earth bending before the summer solstice otherwise Aang wouldn’t be able to stop the Fire Lord gaining extreme power and taking over the world. Meanwhile they are constantly being hunted by the fire nation.

Belly of the Whale:

               Toph enters the belly of the whale with Aang and the others when they make it to the fire nation and need to blend into the population.


               Toph has her version of apotheosis when a couple of bounty hunters capture her and lock her up in a metal container so they can bring her back home at her parents request. Being trapped in the metal container she became truly blind as she was unable to use her connection with the earth to see. This changed however as she fuller concentrated and used the full extent of her abilities. She picked up the fine properties of earth in the metal and discovered/invented the art of metal bending, allowing her to escape.


Ultimate Boon:

Toph aids Aang in the war against the fire nation and the Fire Lord.

Refusal to Return:

Toph does not want to go back home and back to her old boring life. She remains part of “Team Avatar” even after the war is over and won.


Master of Two Worlds:

               Toph becomes a master of two worlds because she knows the life as a high class noble as well as the life of an adventuring fighter. She knows a world with nothing but restrictions as well as a world with boundless freedom.


Freedom to Live:

Toph gains the freedom to do as she pleases with her life. She grows up to become the first Chief of police, and organization she established in the new city called Republic city. She trains earth benders to become metal benders and so passes the ability on to a whole new generation of earth benders, allowing it to be passed on for generations further. She has two daughters and eventually retires to travel the world in order to find true enlightenment.