I think that Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones is one of the most interesting characters from the entire series, and one of the most impressive.  For those of you who have never watched the show Daenerys is a Khalisi, a leader of this tribe called the Dothraki.  She is trying to gain control of the kingdoms in the show, and in order to do so she needs an army that can’t be beat; and her dragons.  Daenerys is the last of her people, who were the leaders of dragons; they have powers that make them more dragon-like and allow them to control the dragons (it’s an incredibly confusing show but highly recommended).

In my first blog post I talked about the “Belly of the Whale” being that point in Campbell’s monomyth that signifies the point at which the hero has completely engrossed themselves in the unknown.  There is a point in the show where she is married off to the leader of the Dothraki, against her will, by her brother who was just trying to gain power.  This could be seen as the point of no return by viewers but there is one part that stands out in my mind more than any.  That is when she finally realizes that she is “the mother of dragons”.  She learned that if her people are the true leaders of dragons that they would not be able to be harmed by fire; so she sets herself on fire.  She sets a huge fire in front of the people she was leading and told them that if they didn’t believe in her to leave right there and then, but those that stayed would be rewarded.  She then took her dragon eggs and sat in the middle of the fire for the entire night.  In the morning she lifted her head, surrounded by ash, holding three baby dragons.  This is the point where she realizes her full potential and she finally sees herself as a leader.  She starts to take control and becomes a lot more confident in herself.  This is a really interesting metaphor in my mind.  It is showing that out of the ashes of our lives we emerge stronger, more confident, and more in control of our lives than ever before.  I really like this scene where she emerges, it is a very deep meaning to me.

Due to her brother giving her away simply for power and clearly not caring about her Daenerys learned a lot of compassion, which is where I see her “Mastering two worlds”.  She was raised in a world where people are just given away like livestock and that is the world she knew, and this new world is the one where she is a princess that people look to for help.  She masters being a leader by gaining more followers wherever she goes and by being more confident in herself.  Then she masters this form of a world that she came from by being compassionate to those like herself.  She frees all of the slaves in every city that she comes to because she knows how it feels to be treated that way and she doesn’t want that for anyone.  I think this is really important to teach people now-a-days.  People have really stopped caring about people in terrible situations because they have never been in that situation.  People tend to see people in bad situations and think that they somehow put themselves there; which isn’t always true.  People need to learn to be more compassionate and help those in need and I think that is what Daenerys is meant to teach us.