For my first blog post I observed Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and thought about it through the view of Joseph Campbell.  I must say that she really lines up with the monomyth, even if you look at her journey through all of the books/movies.  Harry and Ron clearly need her help, she is the smartest person they know and they asked her to help them out, but she refuses the call.  There is a great line from the first book/movie that really points to her refusing “I am going to bed before either one of you has another brilliant idea to get us killed, or worse, expelled.”  She had already seen so many dangerous things and knew that there were terrible things about to happen, but she refused the call.  Then later in the book she agrees to help Harry and Ron try to figure out what is happening and she has to stun Nevil Longbottom in order to do so.  This is what I would consider her “Belly of the Whale”, she finally stepped up and out of her comfort zone and fully involved herself in the adventures that were about to happen.  That is what the “Belly of the whale” is in the mind of Campbell, it is that point of no return.  Hermione could have left right then when Nevil tried to stop them, and she would have never seen so many terrible things; but she goes in.  Hermione tends to follow Campbells monomyth except for at the end the hero is supposed to return back to their “home” and be a “master of two worlds”; Hermione does the opposite of this.

When Hermione leaves her parents’ house in the seventh book she is not positive she would return and she couldn’t put her parents through that.  She erased herself from their memories and photos and any sign she ever existed.  This was so if she never returned her parents wouldn’t even know she had ever been born; but if she survived she also couldn’t go back.  Campbell’s monomyth talks about how the character is supposed to be able to go between the known and the “unknown” and be able to master both of them.  Instead Hermione completely erased one of her worlds, never to return.  In my mind this makes her one of the strongest people from the series and also one of the biggest role models.  She showed that she had to put her loved ones first; that she couldn’t just leave their lives, it would crush them.  So she would rather not be able to go back if she survived than to have them be crushed if she never returned.  This always stuck out in my mind, that she really was willing to do whatever in order to not hurt her family.  I have never seen another character that goes this far to keep their loved ones happy.  Most people wouldn’t give up their happiness just to make sure others are happy.  I think that is what makes Hermione so important and why people should look up to her.  She made the biggest sacrifice of anyone and showed the importance of doing whatever you can for your loved ones.