Who is Mae Borowski

Having trouble at college, 20 year old Mae Borowski drops out and comes back to her home town Possum Springs after being gone for about 2 years. Upon returning to the place where she grew up, she starts to notice how the not only the town has vastly changed, but so has her friends Gregg, Angus, and Bea. Mae is very lost and is scared to move forward with her life and has no clue where to start while it seems all of her friends have their lives in order with a plan. Mae goes back into town tries hanging with her friends like playing with them in their band again to try and get a grip on her life; despite not doing anything to really progress forward like getting job or even telling her parents why she dropped out of college.


Mae is known throughout the town by family, friends, neighbors, and people she doesn’t even know as a certified troublemaker with a long history of breaking the rules. With a snarky attitude and quick to anger, Mae’s personality certainly isn’t for everyone and has caused her to be quite the fire starter in arguments with others. When she hangs out with her long time and close friend Gregg, they go off to perform “crimes” together which could be anything from smashing old cars to knife fights in the woods. When she hangs out with her childhood friend Bea she sees how much she’s matured and how quickly Bea had to grow up.

knife fight

When Mae settles into her home town among her friends, she also notices that not only are things different but something is off. She starts having weird nightmares and later claims she saw a ghost kidnap someone. If that wasn’t strange enough, she and her friends even discover a severed arm in the middle of town. She has no idea where to start be asks her friends to help her find what’s going on. Although her friends are more concerned with Mae’s mental health, they go on these adventures all over town out of love for Mae in hopes to calm her mind.


Mae suffers from several different mental disorders, the biggest being dissociation. Dissociation, Mae describes as “things just turn into shapes.” This was the reason why she put a kid in the hospital when she was in high school because she started hitting the “shapes” and they had no real meaning to her beyond that. This can be from anything to an object to a plant to another living person. The person hat suffers with this disorder stops seeing them for what they really are and will start to think of them as something else. It’s almost like an emotional detachment from something, however when you throw in Mae’s history of poor anger management, things can go from bad to worse. Even still on top of all of that Mae also suffers from a history of depression.

When Mae starts claiming she saw a ghost kidnap someone, no one really believes her. Even her friends are reluctant to buy into what she saying because they think that this “ghost” was something she probably imagined out of stress and lack of sleep from her nightmares.

Psychoanalysis is way of understanding others on a mental level. There’s no simple set in stone way of telling someone follows a certain disorder like dissociation, anger issues, or depression, but each of those have more layers to them. Some of those layers can apply to the person and some of them can’t. For Mae, her depression is more mild than some other forms of depression. However, her dissociation, is unfortunately rather strong struggle for Mae when it could be very subtle for others.


Feminist Criticism

Although Mae is a female, her laid back attitude and loud mouthed language can be considered unladylike. Whenever someone criticizes her behavior, she’s pretty quick with defending her actions. For example, her mother asks her to not step on the power lines around town since the cops don’t approve of it and will throw her in jail. Mae’s response is that the cops won’t be able to catch her because she’s on the power lines. Mae will also perform her crimes with Gregg which all are actions that would be considered more masculine to do. For example, some of the “crimes” they have committed are smashing light bulbs and cars and stealing money and other objects. Mae sexually identifies herself as bisexual and will hit on other women. All the while being this spunky person, Mae still regards herself as a woman despite having many different masculine qualities like her personality and her actions.

power lines

Mae the Heroine

So how is Mae a heroine and why is she important to note? Mae fully regards herself as a female and is able to still “kick ass and take names” in sense. She doesn’t take anything from anyone, no matter who they are. Despite not knowing how to move on with her life she still carries on and takes everything one day at a time. When she has what she considers a pressing matter she gather all of the necessary information and attack the situation head on. On the flip side, when she doesn’t know what to do, she more or less tries to avoid talking about it and then that issue can grow stronger.

With this, she’s very relatable because not everyone can give 100% all the time on every matter. Sometimes we don’t know what to do about something and all we can do is put on a brave face and keep pressing on whether we’re doing a good job of it or not. Mae knows what she’s able to handle and she tries her best to do that. Mae doesn’t go out to save the world, but among her friends she can be considered a heroine by doing things like taking a role in a small show to help save or even the small stuff like being there to talk with them about life and to give advice. Mae doesn’t what she can for herself and her loved ones and being a notable heroine can be something simple as that.